We design our own hardware

When you take one of our systems, you can rest assured that it meets your environment's needs and can stand much more, because we do not base our designs on hobby systems. Everything from the PCB design to the servers are custom designed, ruggedized and tested for an industrial environment.

You reap the benefits of our networks

Whether it is about aligning with chassis manufacturers, or sourcing the newest novelty component from China, we make sure that our networks can help your business take advantage of the latest developments in IC design as well as software solutions, all so that you don't have to.

Meet the team

There are no "administrative" titles like CEO, so you we can help you based on functional needs.

Team 2

Ajit Singh

Operations & Business Development

After finishing his B.E. in Electronics & Communication from NSIT, Delhi University, Ajit joined Grail Research as a business analyst and later moved on to MTS India as Lead, Strategy.

He has extensive experience in business consulting in the domain of real estate, financial services, hospitality and telecom businesses. He has consulted on end-to-end sourcing project for a multi-billion dollar sourcing requirement. He is an expert in competitive benchmarking and business strategy development.


Anup Profile Picture

Anup Rajput

New Technologies and R&D

After finishing his B.E. in Electronics & Communication from NSIT, Delhi University, Anup went on to work at Texas Instruments, where he worked on cutting edge semiconductor designs down to 28nm technology.

His experience spans from the architecture of the most complicated, most powerful and least power processors in the world all the way to their execution and implementation. He also worked on IPs for the most exacting automotive designs demanding almost nil failure rates. He has worked on a variety of projects for developing solutions to be used in hospitals, industrial automation, LED lighting, high end smartphones, high end automobiles, etc.



Nirmal S

Embedded Software

B.Tech. in Electronics and Communications as well as M.Tech. in Remote Sensing, Nirmal also has an experience in teaching Engineering classes, allowing him to have honed his theory as well as practical knowledge in the field of embedded systems. His speciality remains embedded software design, and is the go to man in case we need one more protocol added to our IoT gateway!