Smart Energy Monitoring

3 Phase and Single Phase Energy Monitoring. Key Features include

1) Class B energy metering for monitoring - Single and 3 phase Voltage and Current (Contactless), PF, Active Power, Reactive Power, Frequency

2) Local communication using Sub-Ghz communication (Mesh architecture, long range - more than 100meters between sensors)

3) Data upload to Cloud over GPRS/Wi-Fi communication

Precision Agriculture using Internet of Things

1) Battery operated and portable – Lithium ion and lead acid
2) Weather and environment monitoring
3) Multiple connectivity options – GSM(GPRS/3G), Wi-Fi Optional, PC connectivity over USB Optional
4) Simple status LEDs for monitoring and control from cloud
5) APIs available for integration with cloud
6) Cloud Configurable
7) Micro SD card provides unlimited reading and secure data (depending on Micro SD card compatibility)

Battery Monitoring System

Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium, NiMh, and Lithium ion battery health monitoring systems. Scalable and Modular system with following features

1) Battery health monitor - Cell Voltage, Cell temperature, Cell Impedance, String Voltage, String Current
2) Charge level monitor + Charger control
3) Optional Web/PC based UI application

Can monitor individual cells (1-100 for one system) as well as battery bank characteristics.

Motor Drive Systems

1) Low Voltage PMDC Motor Drives - 12V, 24V, 48V (Up to 1 KW)
2) High Voltage PMDC Motor Drives - Up to 90V, 180V (up to 1 KW)
3) 3-phase BLDC/PMSM Motor Control (V/F. FOC. Sensor/less) - Upto 48V,1KW; Upto 220V, 500W
4) Single Phase AC Motor Control - 220V, 1KW
5) Stepper motor - Up to 1/256 microsteps




All our products are designed in-house and manufactured in India.