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At SAAR microSystems, we strongly believe that good design is the key to performance. We conduct our R&D completely in house, taking full responsibility for quality and durability for what we deliver.

We specialize in electronic system design, while managing everything from R&D to manufacturing as well as deployment at the customer's premises.


Sometimes, it is not sufficient to pick an off the shelf product and fit into your existing setup. We understand such needs, and are willing to offer our services to deploy a custom electronic design at your premises.

Please get in touch with us so that we can discuss ways in which we can augment your business and cater to its most pressing needs.


Mass Manufacturing

It is not trivial to take a project even from final prototype to mass production. We hand hold our clients till they share the same confidence in our manufacturing partners as us.


We understand the importance of robust connectivity in an industrial environment, whether it is wired or wireless.


Our solutions are geared towards providing not only lower initial investment, but even lower recurring expenses to maintain the systems.


Our systems our designed completely in-house to make sure that they survive harsh environments, be it a factory floor or open agricultural fields.

Seamless installation

The topology of the local installation is designed to be completely isolated and requiring no change in your existing systems.

Alarm generation

Creating, editing and changing alarm conditions is seamless, and gets pushed to the device. The devices do not rely upon the cloud layer for alarm generation (SMS & email).


Customer data privacy is paramount and your data is completely isolated and not accessible to anybody else within or outside our servers.

"Quick and reliable turnaround even for custom requirements."

~ Mr. Ashish Mutneja, CEO of QHMPL

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